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Solo Trip to Sri Lanka – Day 14 (Anuradhapura – Jaffna)

I left the hostel around 9 AM. There was bus stand nearby, boarded a bus to the Railway Station. Sat at the station waiting for the train for a while.
Thankfully, it was an AC train. But there were hardly any people on the train. It seemed not many people were inclined to see this part of the country. Yet, it did not kill my zeal.
While I was on the train I booked a room at the R&B Guest House, they were providing accommodation at a moderate price and also it was pretty close to the Railway Station. After a 3-hour journey reached Jaffna around noon.
I was picked from the Railway Station by Subraj, the caretaker of the guest house. On our way to the guest house, he told me all the places I can visit. Also, showed a great place to eat.

When he got to know about my injury. He offered me to take around Jaffna, as other mediums of transport were not as good as in other parts of Sri Lanka.
In the afternoon, first, we went to the Mantri Mania or Residence of the Ministers. I am sure this place had its relevance in the past but now it was in ruins. And none was done by the Archaeological Department for this monument. There was scribbling on the walls and the whole structure was wearing off.
Then, we went to the ‘Jaffna Public Library‘. It opens from 4 PM to 6 PM for visitors. Due to the brevity of time, I did not enter the library. From outside, I could see this beautiful building between the Jaffna Fort and the city centre.
Now, it was the turn of the famous Nallur ‘Kovil Temple’. It is considered as the most sacred temple for the Hindus in Sri Lanka. I was asked to remove my shirt before entering the temple and was not allowed to click any pictures inside the temple. One gets to see the impressive architecture, interesting history and significant devotion. I was on time, so I attended the puja.
It was almost evening and the sun was about to set. So, Subraj hurried to the Jaffna Fort before it got too dark. He had to leave me at the fort as another traveller had arrived at the guest house. In the meanwhile, I roamed around the deserted fort.
There was no entry fee for the fort. I roamed around the whole fort. It was sad to see this colonial masterpiece in such a miserable state.
Later, I sat at a corner near the fort waiting for Subraj and also to witness the setting of the sun.
Subraj returned in an hour or so. By this time, I was starving. I asked him to take me to some Indian Restaurant. Thankfully, there was one – Mangoes Indian Veg.
After all the tripping, we went to Mangoes. The food was delicious and inexpensive. Subraj then dropped me at the guesthouse and left for his home.
Day 14 Expenses – 4170LRK (27$)
(a) Accommodation – 1750LRK
(b) Train from Anuradhapura to Jaffna – 1000LRK
(c) Lunch – 500LRK
(d) Snacks in the train – 120LRK
(e) Dinner – 800LRK

JaffnaJaffna FortJaffna Public LibraryMangoes Indian VegMantri ManiaNallur ‘Kovil Temple’R&B Guest House

bornomadic • July 19, 2017

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