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Solo Trip to Sri Lanka – Day 5 (Nuwara Eliya)

Day 5 (Nuwara Eliya)

I got up around 6 AM. Freshened up, had breakfast and left for Lover’s Leap Waterfall. I was told by the caretaker that the waterfall was just 3 Km walk from the hostel. Within half an hour I was at this beautiful waterfall. I immensely enjoyed the walk as it provided me with a beautiful view of the town. You get to see trails of beautiful flowers along the route accompanying you.
There was no one here at this hour of the day. So, I sat near the waterfall listening to the harmonica of the water splashing on the rocks. I was a marvellous feeling – Mother Nature and her child.
Realising that there were other places too that I had to see. I scuttled down the slant and luckily met Mr Nazim Zubin who offered me a ride to the bus station. It did save some time.
I took bus No. 311/1 which dropped me off a location leading to the Single Tree Hill. It’s a 2 Kilometre hike and every bit of it worth it. Firstly, You tend to see the whole town from another level of elevation. Secondly, you get to meet the locals collecting tea leaves from the tea garden. Also, there is a beautiful stupa on the way up.
After reaching the summit I realised that there was no tree named ‘The Single Tree’ instead the hill that I had just climbed was called the ‘Single Tree’. I was not disappointed I sat there for a while and let the cool breeze lower down my body temperature.
After climbing down the hill. I boarded a bus heading towards the Ramboda Falls. Within 30 minutes or so I was at the Ramboda Waterfall. People were clicking pictures and leaving the spot. But I observed a narrow path leading to the up the source. So, I climbed all the way up and found the real fall. Water was falling from a height of 390 meters and the view was mesmerising.
The view was so compelling that it urged me to take a dip under the waterfall. But there was a problem, there was no defined path to reach the fall. Anyhow, I removed my shoes, tied them to my bag and made my way through. I did stumble in between due to the presence of algae on the rocks but somehow I reached the point of bliss. I removed my clothes and jumped into the pool, feeling the love of nature. Once done, I came back to the highway from where I started the climb for the Ramboda Waterfall and asked a local for the direction to the ‘Hanuman Temple’. He said that I need to walk 2 Kilometres straight and I would reach my destination. And so I started walking….


This walk was not exactly 2 Kilometres. It was far beyond that. Initially, I did not realise that but now it did not matter to me because the charm it offered me was priceless.

I walked through tunnels, saw beautiful waterfalls, lush green pine trees. The pure air filled my chest and I walked along the artistic road.
There were no cars on the road. Just a few locals selling vegetables and fruits besides the highway. They smiled when I walk passed them.IMG_20170328_151710458_HDR
I walked for good 5-7 Kilometres until I reached a small restaurant. I was starving, so I asked the waiter to get me 2 glasses of Avocado Shake and noodles. After regaining my strength, I asked the restaurant owner how far the ‘Hanuman Temple‘ was. He replied “it’s just 2 kms from the restaurant” but he suggested that I take a bus, which I did. It took 5 minutes for the bus to drop me near the temple.
I bought offerings for the prayers from a shop near the entrance of the temple. And walked the 500 meters incline towards the temple.
It was at the entrance of this beautiful temple. Photography was prohibited inside the temple so I was unable to click more pictures. I was taken aback when I was told that I had to pay for the prayers. This was unusual, anyhow I did pray the priest.
This was my final destination for the day. It was getting dark so I decided to return back to the hostel. I boarded the Bus heading to Nuwara Eliya and reached the hostel around 7 PM. While I was lying on my bed, these two guys (a Chinese and a Korean) come to my room and asked me if I wanted to join them for dinner. I accepted their invite and we headed to a local restaurant. The Sri Lankan food we’d ordered was pathetic, we told the owner of the restaurant that the food was bad and left the place. Then, we headed to this Chinese restaurant where we were well fed.
Day 5 Expenses – 2252LRK (15$)
(a) Bus to Silent Hill – 20LRK
(b) Bus to Ramboda Waterfall – 50LRK
(c) Lunch – 300LRK
(d) Offerings for the temple – 100LRK
(e) Prayers – 20LRK
(f) Bus to Nuwara Eliya – 52LRK
(g) Dinner – 380LRK
(h) Hostel Charge – 1330LRK

Hanuman TempleLover’s Leap WaterfallNuwara EliyaRamboda WaterfallSingle Tree Hill

bornomadic • July 19, 2017

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