About Me

Hi, I am BornomadiC!

An unplanned traveller, a phone photographer, a polyglot and a coffee lover. An eccentric and an audacious travel addict. I adore travelling to all corners of the world, going on long treks, meeting new people, trying different cuisines and exploring new cultures.

My longing for travel was dying out of my repetitive schedule. So, breaking the shackles of my daily routine. I started solo travelling and writing this blog.

I aim is to provide useful information to fellow travellers – what itinerary to follow, how to lessen the expenses on food, accommodation and transportation.

I do not promote/advertise any website or company. Everything mentioned herein is from my travel experience. However, I have mentioned a sites that can make your travel fun.

I would love to hear from you. If you have any suggestions/comments for me – Please make use of the contact form.

Lets Travel 🙂